‘Most Innovative Publisher’ nomination

We are thrilled to have made the shortlist in the “Most Innovative Publisher” category at the first ever Digital Trading Awards hosted by The Drum. It is great to have […]

Paul Hayes talks about News UK’s latest research

News UK’s Managing Director Paul Hayes sat down to speak with Marketing Week last week about some exciting ‘Influencer’ research that has been commissioned. The aim of the research is […]

Smart cities hold the key to the ‘future of news’

Eavesdrop on any media or advertising planning meeting over the past few years, and you will have heard the phrases “real-time data” and “data sharing” banded around as if they […]

Ad formats are becoming more adventurous

Ad formats are becoming more adventurous as the blurring of editorial and commercial gathers apace. As newspapers face budgetary pressures, publishers are being forced to be more open to commercial […]

From pitch to press room – News UK tackles the future of football

Former English professional footballer Ian Wright joined News UK’s notable football writers and sports columnists for a future facing panel debate at Mindshare’s HuddleSport to discuss “The Beautiful Game.” For 45 minutes the […]

How The Times has got the news back since 1785

As the UK’s paper of record, The Times has had a ringside seat throughout history, chronicling for its readers events from around the world. To bring this role to life, […]

Video: ‘The Future of News’ by Central Saint Martins

Central Saint Martins have created this short video of the Future of News exhibition filmed at this year’s Innovation Cafe. Enjoy!

A former sheep herder-turned-physicist captivates the world with her interactive newspaper

Doctor Kate Stone has travelled the world evangelizing about ‘interactive newspapers” and how they could and should shape the future of newspapers and its news content. A sheep herder turned […]

The return of TV news to the living room

What an idyllic scene: a family of five gathered around the TV screen at the end of the day. It could be a scene from the 1950s, when family-values were […]

The Times Talks with Caitlin Moran and David Aaronovitch

The Times columnists Caitlin Moran and David Aaronovitch hosted a lively session at our final Innovation Café event last week where they discussed the impact of digital news and social […]